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Mod Cabinet Ministers

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The minister and leader pictures are .PNG files located in \Graphics\People and can be edited with Photoshop or other graphics programs. The filename of the picture is used to indicated a number of things about the picture;

Numbering System fourth character

- Cabinet Minister - 1
- Leader - 2

Numbering System fifth character

- Caucausian - 1
- Asian - 2
- African - 3
- European - 4
- Arab - 5
- Native American - 6

Numbering System sixth character

- Male - 1
- Female - 2

Numbering System seventh/eighth character is the incremental numbering

for example: pic24205.png - Leader_European_Female - pic #5

--- pic is just how we are starting each filename

When creating leader or minister pics, there are 4 frames to be created to properly show the minister or leader mood;

Cabinet Ministers frames 0-3

- Frustrated
- Busy
- Neutral / Polite
- Nervous

Leaders frames 0-3

- Threatening-Demanding
- Arrogant
- Polite
- Friendly

Names and Data

The names of the ministers are in the file \Maps\DATA\DEFAULT.PPLX which can be edited in any basic text editor. Other data is also found in the .PPLX file (Details to follow).