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Modding Guide - deptprior.csv[edit | edit source]

Submitted by Balthagor on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 12:09 This file is located in the /ini folder and contains all of the possible priorities which could be assigned to the ministers of the various departments.

NOTE: Some priorities listed in the file have not been implemented by BattleGoat.

Supreme Ruler Cold War

The Data format of the file is;

  • Department ID (0-5).  While there is no more Operations department, ministers will consider what priorities are set overall and some ministers <may> consult priorities of other departments making those priorities still usable to some extent.  This is however untested.
    • 0 - Production
    • 1 - Research
    • 2 - Treasury
    • 3 - State
    • 4 - Operations
    • 5 - Defense
  • Priority ID (0-31)
    • Unique ID for a given priority.  Note that some priorities may contain other priorities in whole or in part within them.  In particular, those IDs used for the cabinet minister GUI controls are more "global control" priorities to reflect the design change.
  • Key Priority (0-1)
  • InGame (0-1)
    • While this value sounds like it would be an indication of the implementaiton status this should not be trusted until this has been confirmed.
  • Conflicts with (0-31)
  • Notes