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3D Model Picture Numbers[edit | edit source]

In the equipment file units are assigned a picture number. This file defines for the engine what parts of which 3D model should be used as well as the texture (default or override) to use.

The file is located in the \GRAPHICS\MESHES folder

Ordinarily the game will load DEFAULT.PICNUMS although it is possible to specify a different file in the \INI\AllLoad.ini initialization file.

This file is not saved in save-game files, it is loaded from AllLoad.ini on each game start. It is not sync-sensitive.

The numbering of PICNUMS is per this standard as of SRU version 9.0.75 (January 2017):

1 to 999 - current range
1000 to 1023 - reserved for engine use
1024 to 1279 - reserved for engine use (Terrain)
1280 to 1535 - reserved for engine use
1536 to 3071 - new range for unit meshes  
3072 to 4095 - reserved for modder use (will not be used by BG)

.PICNUMS File Definition[edit | edit source]

Column Definitions
Column Description
Picnum Picnum Reference from Equipment List
Submeshnumber (Mesh 0-3) 0-14 for Submesh for object, or 15 for ‘Use all Submeshes’
Valid (Mesh 0-3) T/F if this Mesh Entry is valid / used
Secondary (Mesh 0-3) 0/1 for Which Mesh[#] is Referenced for entry (usually 0:Base 1:Turret)
Turretview (Mesh 0-3) T/F if this object is part of the Turret transformation (rotation)
TeamAlpha (Mesh 0-3) Unused
MeshType (Mesh 0-3) Mesh Type: Mesh Usage type 0-15
  • 0: Ground Plane / Overhead quad
    • Always drawn when Pitchonly False
  • 1: Overhead quad (No-pitch use, also shadow use)
    • Overhead use: Pitchonly False, bhasshadow False
      • (Only shown if NO pitch; full colour)
    • Shadow use: Pitchonly True, bhasshadow True
      • (Colour modulated to ½ alpha black)
    • Both: Pitchonly False, bhasshadow True
      • (Shadow if pitch, Overhead if no pitch)
  • 2: Standard Object (Hull/base or Turret if ‘TurretView’ true)
  • 3: Non-Rotation Object (keeps facing in same direction)
  • 4: Subsystem Upgrade Object
  • 5: Animated (Rotating) object, full rotation loop (currently Unimplemented)
  • 6: Animated (Rotating) object, ping-pong using limited arc (Unimplemented)
  • 7: Reserved
  • 8: Reserved
  • 9: Reserved
  • 10: Light, fade in/out (Unimplemented)
  • 11: Light, Blink (Unimplemented)
  • 12: Ammo object – Regular Ammo (Unimplemented)
  • 13: Ammo object – Missile Ammo (Unimplemented)
  • 14: Point – Shot Point (Unimplemented)
  • 15: Point – Smokestack Point (Unimplemented)
Unused (Mesh 0-3)
OptionOb (Mesh 0-3) T/F For Subsystem Upgrades, if set then replace (instead of cumulative)
Fastanim (Mesh 0-3) Animation/lights act ‘fast’ (Not Implemented)
PitchOnly (Mesh 0-3) Only display when map view angle is pitched (not 'top down' direct view)
MeshNumBase Unit .x Mesh File Number for first set (usually Base) of this object (Mesh[0])
MeshNumTurret Unit .x Mesh File Number for second set (usually Turret) of this object (Mesh[1])
TextureOverride (0-3) Texture Name overrides for each Mesh – Default is to use Mesh Default Texture

[0] – Texture Override for Mesh[0] Overhead Textures (Type 0/1)

[1] – Texture Override for Mesh[0] Other Textures

[2] – Texture Override for Mesh[1] Overhead Textures (Type 0/1)

[3] – Texture Override for Mesh[1] Other Textures

Scale Override Scale value for Mesh Draw (Default 1.0)
Notes Designer notes or information

How it works:

  • Up to two Meshes files (.X) can be used for each Picnum.
    • These can be used to combine two meshes into the one object, such as base and turret.
  • There can be up to four partial (sub) meshes used in the object (0-3)
    • Each sub mesh can either be a single submesh of the .X file, or submesh # 15 is "use all meshes"
    • Each sub mesh can be from either the Mesh .X file [0] (usually base) or [1] (usually turret)
    • A standard object uses meshtype 2; other types are for additional uses such as Ground Plane
    • Version 11 of the game engine will support 20 partial meshes (0-19)
      • Submesh 4 to 19 have special meaning when set as 'Subsystem Upgrade Object' Meshtype; will integrate with Subsystem Upgrade tech effects to determine which are drawn


  • The number of UGBITS pages supported is increased to 16 from 4 in version 9.0.75 to match.
  • Range from 1536 to 1999 may be assigned by BattleGoat to specific modders that provide their content back to the main game.
  • Prior to version 9.0.75, and in prior games (SR1936, SRCW, and SR2020), the maximum PICNUMS value was 999.
  • In INI/CSV/Data files, True/False can be y/n, 1/0, -1/0
  • Regional Textures will be attempted and used if they exist
    • File name in the form: GRAPHICS\MESHES\UNITxxxc.DDS where xxx is the Meshnum (not picnum) and 'c' is the region ID character (A-Z)
    • (Prior to version 9.1.200, this used the Picnum accidentally, which is usually the same, but not always)
    • This will override any other override Mesh texture if it exists, or generally the overrides the default texture in the Mesh .X file.