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3D Model Picture Numbers[edit | edit source]

In the equipment file units are assigned a picture number. This file defines for the engine what parts of which 3D model should be used as well as the texture (default or override) to use.

The file is located in the \GRAPHICS\MESHES folder

Ordinarily the game will load DEFAULT.PICNUMS although it is possible to specify a different file in the \INI\AllLoad.ini initialization file.

This file is not saved in save-game files, it is loaded from AllLoad.ini on each game start. It is not sync-sensitive.

The numbering of PICNUMS is per this standard as of SRU version 9.0.75 (January 2017):

1 to 999 - current range
1000 to 1023 - reserved for engine use
1024 to 1279 - reserved for engine use (Terrain)
1280 to 1535 - reserved for engine use
1536 to 3071 - new range for unit meshes  
3072 to 4095 - reserved for modder use (will not be used by BG)


  • The number of UGBITS pages supported is increased to 16 from 4 in version 9.0.75 to match.
  • Range from 1536 to 1999 may be assigned by BattleGoat to specific modders that provide their content back to the main game.
  • Prior to version 9.0.75, and in prior games (SR1936, SRCW, and SR2020), the maximum PICNUMS value was 999.